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Make Acapella with VoiceTrap (Hướng dẫn tách Acapella bằng VoiceTrap)

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Voice Trap Plug-in

vocal track eliminator & isolator

  • Remove vocal for karaoke (not hip)
  • Isolate vocal for remixing/mash-ups (way hip)
  • Sophisticated FFT & cepstral algorithms, not "left minus right"
Back in the old days you could remove the vocal from a stereo track by subtracting the left channel from the right.
  * You only got mono output,
  * The bass was missing,
  * The mix sounded terrible,
  * You could only remove the vocal, not isolate it,
  * It only really worked on old tracks, before they started using stereo reverb.

Voice trap offers two sophisticated DSP algorithms:
  * FFT-based center channel suppression / isolation,
  * Cepstral liftering (an advanced technique that can identify harmonically rich elements in a mix).

Together these allow Voice Trap to overcome those problems:
  * The output is stereo,
  * The bass frequencies are left untouched,
  * The mix is largely preserved,
  * You can choose to remove the vocal OR isolate it,
  * Good results possible on some modern tracks (ie, with stereo reverb).
This first example MP3 (290k) was made using Voice Trap V1.0, and demonstrates the FFT-based center-channel method. You'll hear a short segment of a song: once through, then again with the vocal removed in the first phrase, isolated in the second.
In this second example MP3 (419k) we choose a more challenging track - a more modern production with stereo ambience. Voice Trap V2.0 was used, making use of both center-channel and cepstral liftering methods.
NB: Note that both the removal and isolation aren't perfect - there is always a fine line between not enough removal / isolation, and too many artifacts.
However, the effect is state of the art, and is a very valuable tool for either both Karaoke and remix/mash-up projects. You may even find that the artifacts add a certain flavour to the remix.
Download the DirectX version of Voice Trap now (891k).
Download the VST (Windows) version of Voice Trap now (686k).
   NB: This is a 32-bit plugin. If you are using a 64-bit host app, you will need a bitbridge. I recommand jBridge.
   NB: This plugin may not work at sample rates of 192 KHz. I recommend using sample rates of 96 KHz or below.
The freeware versions is restricted so that you cannot adjust most of the knobs, so you are hardwired to a pretty narrow range of settings.
(You'll be able to hear it working and test compatibility with your host apps, but you probably won't be able to fine tune it to your chosen track.)
Learn more
More info: Voice Trap User Notes.
Will it run under your audio host? Check out Compatibility Notes.
Need help installing? Check out Installation Notes
Screen-reader friendly version for blind users available here.
NB: STOP!!! Please download, install and test Voice Trap before registering!
Register your copy of Voice Trap here,
using the secure Share-It service. As soon as your payment of $25 is processed, you'll receive an email with your registration code. Then you can start twiddling the dials.
Both the DirectX and VST versions use the same registration method - if you register one, you've automatically registered the other.
PayPal also accepted - our paypal account is here. When I recieve notification (mentioning which plugin you want to register), I will generate your unlock code and email it. By contrast this happens automatically with the Shareit system.
NB: When entering your registration code:
  *  Use Copy/Paste, don't try to type it
  *  Please include the "Curly brace" {} characters around the code.
Some unsolicited user testimonials:
  • ...I also bought your voice trap plug, which is a big step up from the basic voc rem progs out there. Thanks a lot... V.Kevin Martin, producer.
  • Hey, I finally finished that mashup which you helped me with by removing Geddy's voice from sections of 'Tom Sawyer': Enjoy, and thanks again. Jay Braun
  • I must say how impressed I am with the audio quality after removing vocals with Voice Trap. It is light years ahead of the vocals remover built into Audacity. Tim Worley.


Tải xuống tại đây 

    Đánh giá& Hướng dẫn: 

    Giới thiệu tổng quan:

    Voice Trap Plug-in

    Voice Trap pluggin hỗ trợ việc tách/triệt tiêu vocal ra từ file audio.

    Vài tính năng chính của "Voice Trap":
    • Loại bỏ Vocal để làm Karaoke.
    • Lọc lấy vocal để làm remix/mashup
    • Sở hữu thuật toán fft và cepstral cao cấp

    Ngày trước, khi bạn còn phải lọc Vocal từ một file stereo bằng cách lấy kênh trái trừ đi kênh phải.
    • File ra thì mono
    • Bass thì biến mất tăm
    • Và bản mix thì nghe như :poop:
    • Việc duy nhất bạn làm được là loại bỏ vocal, còn tách thì mơ đi.
    • Nhất là cả cái công nghệ đó của bạn chỉ thực sự hiệu quá trên những bản thu từ thời khủng long, trước khi người ta biết dùng stereo reverb

    Giờ thì bạn có Voice Trap
    Voice trap sử dụng tới 2 thuật toán DSP siêu-phức-tạp:
    Công nghệ nén/tách kênh trung tâm dựa trên FFT
    Cepstral liftering: khả năng phân tích và nhận diện các thành phần giàu tính giai điệu trong một bản mix
    Tất cả nhưng điều đó cho phép Voice Trap vượjt qua được những vấn đề sau:
    • Đầu ra là stereo
    • Các dải tần số bass được giữ lại vẹn nguyên và trong trắng
    • Bản mix ra được giữ lại tối đa
    • Bạn được quyền lựa chọn loại bỏ Vocal HAY tách nó
    • Hiệu quả ngay cả trên các bản mix mới (với stereo reverb chẳng hạn)

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